For 14 years the Lake Norman Official Visitors Guide has helped visitors and locals alike find what's best about Lake Norman.

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For 13 years our Lake Norman Official Visitors Guide Magazine was the premier information source for Visitors, Newcomers, and Vacationers. Our magazine helped people find the best of Lake Norman, including where to eat, where the NASCAR race shops are, what attractions are in the area, what's happening, or how to find your way around. Due to changing mobile technology, we have decided to end production of the print version and focus on our webiste alone. If you are interested in finding out more, or have any questions about our region, send us an email to Many thanks to all our wonderful sponsors, readers and supporters. We made a lot of great friends over the years and continue to support Lake Norman merchants, attractions, and events...

Lake Norman is one of North Carolina's best-kept secrets. With over 520 miles of beautiful shoreline and 32,000 acres of water, Lake Norman offers a great place for boating, water skiing, jet skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing or just lounging around in your favorite float. Plus the Lake Norman region is the home of NASCAR so race fans will find race shops, museums and other race related attractions. Our Lake Norman Official Visitors Guide will help you find great restaurants, attractions, and entertainment. You'll find our magazine anywhere you find visitors, or you can read our online version by clicking on the cover shown below.

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Lake Norman region has many great restaurants on the water and around the region. Whether it's southern BBQ, fine dining, Italian, or even sushi, you'll find it here!

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